NBA Officiating Last Two Minute Report – March 5, 2017

Below is the league’s assessment of officiated events that occurred in the last two minutes of last night’s games which were within five points at the two-minute mark (and during overtime, where applicable). The plays assessed include all calls (whistles) and notable non-calls. Notable non-calls will generally be defined as material plays directly related to the outcome of a possession. Similar to our instant replay standards, there must be clear and conclusive video evidence in order to make a determination that a play was incorrectly officiated. Events that are indirectly related to the outcome of a possession (e.g., a non-call on contact away from the play) and/or plays that are only observable with the help of a stop-watch, zoom or other technical support, are noted in brackets along with the explanatory comments but are not deemed to be incorrectly officiated. The league may change its view after further review. If you have any questions, please contact the NBA here. Click here for the complete archive of Last Two Minute Reports

Suns 109, Celtics 106

Jazz 110, Kings 109 (OT)

Pelicans 105, Lakers 97

Wizards 115, Magic 114

Pacers 97, Hawks 96