Transcript: NBA Referee Jason Phillips Comments to Pool Reporter after Wizards-Magic Game

Pool Reporter Transcript

Crew Chief Jason Phillips

Postgame – Washington at Orlando, October 28, 2015

NBA Crew Chief Jason Phillips met with a pool reporter after the Washington at Orlando game tonight. Here is the transcript of that interview:

Question 1: What did you see that by rule indicated there was not defensive goaltending?

Phillips: As you know this year, several plays are now reviewed and the ruling is made in the Replay Center. This is one of those rules. So, this is one of those plays. So, they made the ruling and said that “it was a legal touch.”

Question 2: Why not goaltending when [Marcin] Gortat slapped the basket?

Phillips: By rule again on that, if the backboard is slapped and it doesn’t cause an unusual bounce of the ball, by rule it’s a legal play. And that’s what we felt.