Clock Malfunction

Since the 2008-09 season, referees have reviewed all plays in which they have reasonable certainty the game clock malfunctioned and it continued to run to 0:00 or should have run to 0:00.

If referees are reasonably certain there was a clock malfunction in this situation, they use video in an attempt to determine the amount of time (if any) that should be on the game clock.

If there was a successful field goal on the play, they will also try to determine if the shot left the shooter’s hand before the expiration of actual time.

If time is added to the game clock, they also try to determine:

  • If a team should have possession, either because it had possession before the expiration of actual time or because a successful shot cleared the net with actual time left, or
  • If no team had possession, in which case, the ball will be jumped at center circle between any two opponents in the game

The officials may also try to determine whether:

  • A successful basket was a 2 point or 3-point field goal,
  • A fouled shooter was attempting a 2-point or 3-point field goal,
  • A fouled shooter or player committed a boundary line violation,
  • There was a 24-second violation before a shot or the expiration of actual time, or
  • Any unsportsmanlike acts or unnecessary contact occurred.