Last Second Field Goal

Since the 2002-03 season, referees have reviewed all made shots that clear the net with no time remaining on the clock (0:00). This is an automatic trigger and referees are required to conduct the review regardless of score.

During the review, referees use video to confirm, if they can, whether the game clock expired before the ball left the shooter’s hand.

If referees confirm the shot was made in time (or have no conclusive video to overturn their on-court ruling), referees also look to confirm:

  • Whether the shot was a two- or three-point attempt, or
  • Whether the shooter committed a boundary line violation or the ball touched an out-of-bounds area, such as the stanchion, prior to entering the basket. If it did, the goal would be disallowed.

If the shot was not made in time, referees will still try to determine if any of the following occurred before the ball left the shooter’s hand and adjust the shot and game clocks accordingly:

  • The shooter stepped on a boundary line,
  • The 24-second clock expired,
  • There was an 8-second backcourt violation, or
  • A player or players committed an unsportsmanlike act or unnecessary contact.

Exception: Instant replay is not used in cases where the made basket followed a throw-in, free throw attempt or jump ball started with 0.2 or 0.1 on the game clock because players can only tip the ball in those situations according to the Comments on the Rules, Section II L.