NBA Last Two Minute Reports – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Last Two Minute Report?

A Last Two Minute Report, or “L2M,” is a play-by-play report regarding all calls and material non-calls in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter or the last two minutes of any overtime period (if applicable) for all games (including playoffs) that meet designated criteria.

What is the criteria for a game to have an L2M?

Effective with the 2017-18 season, an L2M will be done for any game in which one team’s lead over the other is three points or fewer at any point during the last two minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime.

What is the purpose of issuing Last Two Minute Reports?

L2Ms are part of the NBA’s ongoing effort to build a greater awareness and understanding of the rules and processes that govern our game.  Additionally, it serves as a mechanism of accountability to our fans and the media who seek clarifications after our games.

Why did Last Two Minute Reports come about?

There has always been a significant interest in our games, particularly close ones, and how they are officiated.  Before the L2M process, on occasion, the league acknowledged missed calls to the media via press release.  In order to give a more thorough picture of our officiating, and recognizing that NBA officials are correct roughly 90 percent of the time, we felt it important and fair to list all the correctly officiated plays as well.

When did the league begin issuing Last Two Minute Reports?

The league began issuing L2M Reports in March 2015.

Who makes the determinations that appear in the report?

The NBA’s League Operations senior management team makes the determinations, with the final decision being made by Joe Dumars, Executive Vice President, Head of Basketball Operations.

What is the determining factor on a no-call being included?

A no-call is typically included in the report (whether or not an infraction occurred) if it is a material play directly related to the outcome of the possession or there is confusion/misunderstanding about the application of the relevant rule among teams, media and/or fans.

What is the determining factor for a call or no-call being marked incorrect?

Similar to our instant replay standards, there must be clear and conclusive video evidence in order to make a determination that a play was incorrectly officiated.