Pool Report for Tonight’s Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Khobi Price (Southern California News Group) with Crew Chief David Guthrie following tonight’s Warriors at Lakers game.

March 16, 2024 

QUESTION: What did the replay officials see on the LeBron James three that would have turned it to 124-120 that was disallowed? Would the review of the three happened without the Lakers challenging the out of bounds call on the ensuing possession? What rule allows the replay to undo a made field goal and can that be applied to situations other than a reviewed three pointer/two-pointer?

GUTHRIE:  James’ left foot is out of bounds as he begins to shoot. Yes, it is reviewable at that time. The rule is Rule 13, Section II(f)(3): Whether the shooter committed a boundary line violation, the replay center official will only look at the position of the player’s feet at the moment they touch the floor immediately prior to the release of the shot. This can be applied during other replay triggers as well.

QUESTION: Early in the fourth quarter the shot clock reset to 24 seconds on the Warriors possession from 11:06 in the fourth quarter to 10:38. What triggered that shot clock reset? Why wasn’t that reviewed and is that reviewable?

GUTHRIE: The shot clock malfunctioned during live play at that time and that is not a reviewable matter.

QUESTION: Is that on the officiating crew in the moment to notice that or once that happens you can’t go back and change it?