Pool Report on an Item Thrown on the Floor During Live Play in the Second Quarter of Tonight’s Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Vinny Benedetto (Denver Gazette) with Crew Chief Marc Davis following tonight’s Timberwolves at Nuggets game.     


QUESTION:  The item that was thrown onto the court in the first half, were the officials aware that appeared to come from the Denver sideline?

DAVIS:   I was the lead official and I didn’t notice it was on the floor or where it came from until [Karl-Anthony] Towns scored.


QUESTION:  If you had been aware of that, what would the punishment have been in that situation?

DAVIS:   We weren’t aware it had come from the bench.  If we would have been aware it came from the bench, we could have reviewed it under the hostile act trigger.  The penalty would have been a technical foul.


QUESTION: Definitely a technical foul and not an ejection?

DAVIS: Yes.  For an ejection, you would have to determine it was thrown directly at somebody versus thrown in frustration.


QUESTION:  When Michael Malone comes out to address you after I believe Jamal Murray tried to take a charge, why was he not assessed a technical foul?

DAVIS:  Although Coach Malone was visibly upset about both his team and the officials, I did not hear him say anything unsportsmanlike that warranted a technical foul.