Pool Report on Bobby Portis Injury at the End of the First Quarter of Tonight’s Chicago Bulls at Milwaukee Bucks Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Eric Nehm (The Athletic) with Crew Chief Kane Fitzgerald following tonight’s Bulls at Bucks game.   

QUESTION:  With roughly 48 seconds left in the first quarter, Brook Lopez missed a shot around the rim and Bobby Portis and Tristan Thompson went up for a contested rebound. It appears Thompson’s left elbow swung away from the ball and hit Bobby Portis in the face. Eventually, play stopped for the blood rule because the play caused Portis’ eye to bleed. Why was no foul called in that situation?

FITZGERALD: We didn’t see it during live play.

QUESTION:  Once the play was stopped, why was there no review of the play in question?

FITZGERALD: As per rule, once a change of possession has occurred the window to review it is no longer available.

QUESTION:  Now that you have had a chance to see it, did a foul occur on that play?

FITZGERALD: It is kind of an inadvertent elbow. If you saw it, you could call a loose ball foul.