Pool Report on Miles Bridges Ejection with 6:39 Left in the Fourth Quarter of Tonight’s Charlotte Hornets at Atlanta Hawks Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Chris Kirschner (The Athletic) with Crew Chief James Capers following tonight’s Hornets at Hawks game.  


QUESTION:  Why was Miles Bridges given his first technical foul?

CAPERS: Miles Bridges was given his first technical foul because he was upset about a no call at one end, followed by a personal foul and goaltend on the other end of the floor and he aggressively approached the official with a clenched fist.


QUESTION:  What was the reason for his second technical foul and subsequent ejection?

CAPERS: He was ejected because he used profanity directed at the official and it was his second technical foul, by rule, that is an automatic ejection.