Pool Report on Out of Bounds Review in Fourth Quarter of Tonight’s Dallas Mavericks at Minnesota Timberwolves Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Chris Hine (Minneapolis Star Tribune) with Crew Chief Zach Zarba following tonight’s Mavericks at Timberwolves Game.

May 24, 2024 

QUESTION: During the review that resulted in the turnover on Jaden McDaniels late in the game can you explain if you also saw a foul that should have been called at that point?

ZARBA: During the game we felt it was a normal out of bounds play and that’s what was ruled. Obviously, it gets challenged and the replay center overturns it because it last touched McDaniels. Postgame review we did see illegal contact from (Kyrie) Irving to the forearm of McDaniels that should have been called a foul.

QUESTION: Just to clarify now, at that point Dallas has challenged the play, there is no way Minnesota can then challenge that call to say the ball went out of bounds because he got fouled?

ZARBA: Correct. Per NBA rules you can’t challenge the no call on the foul in that case.

QUESTION: Could Minnesota have challenged it earlier to say he got fouled instead of the ball coming out of bounds if they had beaten them to the challenge or is that not challengeable?

ZARBA: No, you can’t challenge a no call and the ball was awarded initially to Minnesota, so you’re not going to challenge an out of bounds awarded to you.