Pool Report on replacement free throws when Tobias Harris left the game due to concussion protocol during the Indiana Pacers at Philadelphia 76ers Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Keith Pompey (Philadelphia Inquirer) with Crew Chief Courtney Kirkland following tonight’s Pacers at 76ers game.    


QUESTION:  When Tobias was injured and left the game with the concussion, how come you determined the other team could pick who went to the foul line and then you reversed the call?

KIRKLAND:   You’re correct.  So, Tobias left the game because of the concussion evaluation and because of that, under Rule 9 section 2 exception, his coach is the one who is allowed to select the substitute free throw shooter and he’s supposed to select one of the four members that are on the court to shoot his the substitute free throws, not the opposing coach.

QUESTION: Why are the officials allowed to go back and reverse a call after several minutes of game play?

KIRKLAND: That is a correctable error under Rule 2 section 6-A-4. When we have the wrong free throw shooter we are allowed to go back and correct the free throw shooter to go and shoot the free throw.  That can be done until the end of the period.