Pool Report on the ejection of Jae’Sean Tate during the third quarter of tonight’s New Orleans Pelicans at Houston Rockets Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Kelly Iko (The Athletic) with Crew Chief Tyler Ford following tonight’s Pelicans at Rockets game.    

 QUESTION: Why was Jae’Sean Tate given two technical fouls?

FORD: The first technical foul was given for an overt gesture in resentment to the call on the floor. The second technical foul was for questioning the integrity of the game official.

QUESTION: Regarding the first technical foul, there was some confusion amongst the Rockets players surrounding a call made on the floor and who committed the offense. Could that have been explained to Tate prior to the technical foul being given?

FORD: No, his unsportsmanlike behavior happens immediately following the call on the floor.