Pool Report on the Ejection of LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart in the Third Quarter of Tonight’s Los Angeles Lakers at Detroit Pistons Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by James Edwards III (The Athletic) with Crew Chief Scott Foster following tonight’s Los Angeles Lakers at Detroit Pistons game.


QUESTION: What was your interpretation of the contact between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart?

FOSTER: Upon the free throw the initial contact deemed a loose ball foul by Isaiah Stewart and then a dead ball act by LeBron James, deemed a Flagrant Foul Penalty 2 for unnecessary and excessive contact above the shoulder.

QUESTION: Why was Russell Westbrook assessed a technical foul?

FOSTER: During our review for an altercation we deemed him an escalator and not a peace maker.

QUESTION: Why wasn’t Cory Joseph assessed a technical foul?

FOSTER: After Isaiah Stewart left the court, Cory was anticipating he may come around the back of house and enter the Laker bench from the opposite side. So, he was going to intercept him.  I actually told Cory that would be good.

QUESTION: Was Isaiah Stewart’s second technical foul for charging back onto the court?

FOSTER: Isaiah got two technical fouls for multiple unsportsmanlike acts during the altercation.