Pool Report on the Ejection of Minnesota’s Anthony Edwards and the Flagrant Foul 1 and Technical Foul on Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns during Tonight’s Minnesota Timberwolves at Atlanta Hawks Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Sarah Spencer (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) with Crew Chief Bill Kennedy following tonight’s Minnesota Timberwolves at Atlanta Hawks game                                                                                          

QUESTION: Why was Anthony Edwards ejected?

KENNEDY:  Anthony Edwards was ejected on two technical fouls. The first was for an overt gesture and the use of profanity directed toward an official. The second was for aggressively approaching the official while continuing his use of profanity.

QUESTION: Why was Karl-Anthony Towns assessed a flagrant foul and a technical foul, and the basket wiped away at the end of the third quarter?

KENNEDY:  At the end of the period replay review is triggered with a made basket. It was observed during the review that a flagrant foul was committed by Towns for kicking the defender, therefore nullifying the basket. The technical foul was given to Towns for taunting.