Pool Report on the Ejection of Terance Mann in the 2nd Quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder at LA Clippers Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Andrew Greif (LA Times) with Crew Chief Curtis Blair following tonight’s Thunder at Clippers Game.    


QUESTION:  What did Kawhi Leonard do or say to earn his technical foul?

BLAIR: After a no call on a made basket, he aggressively claps at the official and was called for the first technical foul. 


QUESTION: What did Terance Mann do or say to earn his first technical foul, and what prompted a second technical foul so quickly after that?

BLAIR: After the no call on Kawhi, when the official gave Kawhi the first technical foul, he [Mann] points aggressively at the official and got the first technical foul. After that he used profanity towards the official and got the second technical foul and was therefore ejected from the game.