Pool Report on the Ejections during the Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by K.C. Johnson (NBC Sports Chicago) with Crew Chief Marc Davis following tonight’s Celtics at Bulls Game.    


QUESTION:  What did Joe Mazzulla do to warrant two technicals and his ejection?

DAVIS: After previously being warned at 4:53 in the [third] quarter, he comes onto the court making unsportsmanlike comments and is assessed his first technical foul.  He does not get off the floor and continues to point and complain and is assessed his second technical foul and is ejected as per rule.


QUESTION: Why was Nikola Vucevic not given a technical foul for appearing to make a similar gesture as Jayson Tatum, who did receive one?

DAVIS: At 4:54, Vucevic has a heat of the moment reaction with no overt act.  That does not violate the Respect for the Game guidelines.


QUESTION:  Was Grant Williams ejected for making contact with an official and, if so, is there judgement allowed for whether contact is accidental or not?

DAVIS: After it is correctly judged a blocking foul on Williams, he jumps up and approaches official [Cheryl] Flores and makes intentional physical contact with her and he is ejected as per rule for this sportsmanship act.