Pool Report on the foul by Reggie Bullock on Giannis Antetokounmpo in the Third Quarter of the Dallas Mavericks at Milwaukee Bucks Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Jim Owczarski (The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) with Crew Chief Zach Zarba following today’s Dallas Mavericks at Milwaukee Bucks game

QUESTION:  Please clarify the non-call at 5:06 in the third quarter in Milwaukee vs. Dallas where Reggie Bullock wrapped up / bear hugged Giannis Antetokounmpo on a fast break and it was ruled a common shooting foul and not a flagrant.

ZARBA: So, it is kind of two-fold and I will tell you why we didn’t review it either. Anything flagrant we are looking for windup, impact or follow through and those are the three things and so you see that little bear hug or whatever, and there’s no windup, there’s no real follow through and we do have impact. So, we have impact and it was my decision really because I’m on the play that that impact just didn’t rise to the level of a flagrant foul. The other thing is, the reason we didn’t review it, is because I see the whole play, so I know exactly what it is, and it is kind of that little bear hug to your point. So, there was no doubt and so when a referee sees the whole play and the whole crew has no doubt as to the context of that play that’s why it wasn’t reviewed.

QUESTION: Does the offensive player being airborne or not have anything to do with that?

ZARBA: Yes, potential for injury is one of our criteria that we are looking for as well when we are going over it, so that does play into it and in this scenario, there was no high potential for injury.