Pool Report on the No Call on Jalen Williams Dunk with 1:29 left in the Fourth Quarter of Tonight’s Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks Game

Pool Report interview was conducted by Tim Cato (The Athletic) with Crew Chief Zach Zarba following tonight’s Thunder at Mavericks game.     

QUESTION:  Should Jalen Williams have been called for a double dribble on his driving dunk at the 1:29 mark in the fourth quarter?

ZARBA:   The answer is no. We felt Williams never gained control of that basketball.  Therefore, he’s allowed to initiate a dribble after he secures it.  Post-game video review confirmed our on-court ruling.


QUESTION:  What typically signifies the control of the basketball?

ZARBA:   It’s got to be a controlled dribble, possession of the ball, generally something that you would reset the shot clock on if it was a turnover.  For example, if that would have been stolen and that action would have occurred you would not have reset the shot clock on that play because it’s not deemed a possession.  That was more a bat that was more of a bat than a fumble than a controlled dribble therefore he’s allowed after he secures it to initiate the dribble.