Pool Report on the Review at the End of the First Half of the Denver Nuggets at Dallas Mavericks Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Tim MacMahon, (ESPN) with Crew Chief Sean Wright following tonight’s Nuggets at Mavericks Game.   


QUESTION:  On the 3-pointer at the end of the [first] half, what makes that play reviewable?

WRIGHT: There are two parts to this play. The first part is rule 13 instant replay, section  I A.1 – a field goal made with no time remaining on the clock at the end of any period.  And within that trigger we have a reviewable matter which is section II A.2 – whether the shooter committed a boundary line violation or the ball touched out of bounds prior to entering the basket.  The video showed his heel on the line when he shot it.


QUESTION: And then, playing the final two seconds of the first half at the beginning of the third quarter – was that simply because the teams had already gone to the locker room?

WRIGHT: That’s the reason why.  What happened was, at the time of the violation there were two seconds left.  Rather than trying to pull everybody back, we started with the two seconds when we come back out and then immediately play after that.