Pool Report on the Technical Fouls called with 6:40 Left in the Fourth Quarter of Tonight’s Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Jim Owczarski (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) with Crew Chief Bill Kennedy following tonight’s Raptors at Bucks Game.   


QUESTION:  At 6:40 of the fourth quarter there was a review of the altercation on the baseline.  What were the two hostile acts you referenced for Bucks center Brook Lopez to be assessed each technical. 

KENNEDY: Lopez gets tangled up with [Gary] Trent Jr. and during his entanglement, Lopez rips off the headband of Trent Jr., that’s the first technical foul.  During the altercation Lopez, which makes it a separate act, Lopez then escalates the behavior by pushing and shoving back to try to get it at [O.G.] Anunoby, that’s the second technical foul.


QUESTION: Also, what were the acts that led to the technical fouls for O.G. Anunoby and assistant coach Jamaal Magloire.

KENNEDY:  Anunoby escalates by shoving back to Lopez.  The assistant coach Magloire he also pushes Portis which escalates the situation, both of which were penalized with technical fouls.