Pool Report on the Technical Fouls Issued in Tonight’s Houston Rockets at Phoenix Suns Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Duane Rankin (The Arizona Republic) with Crew Chief David Guthrie following tonight’s Rockets at Suns Game.

March 2, 2024

QUESTION: Why did Bradley Beal get the first technical foul?

GUTHRIE: Beal received the first technical foul for a physical taunt with the basketball to Green.

QUESTION: Why did he get the second technical?

GUTHRIE: Beal received the second technical foul for aggressively shoving Green in an unsportsmanlike manner.

QUESTION: Why did Jalen Green get the technical foul?

GUTHRIE: Green received a technical foul for his aggressive shove back at Beal.

QUESTION: Was Green in the proper defensive position on that play in particular? It looked like he was close to the line in terms of when Beal was getting ready to inbound the ball. Was Green in the proper defensive position on that instance?

GUTHRIE: Yes, he was.