Pool Report on the Timeouts at the end of Tonight’s Pelicans at Heat Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Anthony Chiang (Miami Herald) with Crew Chief Bill Kennedy following tonight’s New Orleans Pelicans at Miami Heat game. 

QUESTION: “Why weren’t the Pelicans granted a timeout on the inbounds pass with 15.1 seconds left before the five-second violation was called? It seemed like Dyson Daniels was calling for a timeout just before that call was made.”

KENNEDY: “The request was made simultaneously with the completion of the five-second count.  The throw-in lasted 5.2 seconds which is more than the 4.9 seconds allotted to release the throw-in.  Therefor the violation was called correctly.”

QUESTION: “Why were the Pelicans given the timeout with 12.2 seconds left after winning the jump ball when it seemed like [Jonas] Valanciunas was still trying to gather possession.”

KENNEDY: “When Coach [Willie] Green calls timeout Valanciunas has possession of the ball and is still inbounds.”