Pool Report on the Wizards Turnover with 5:45 Remaining in the Fourth Quarter of Tonight’s Brooklyn Nets at Washington Wizards Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Josh Robbins (The Athletic) with Crew Chief Ben Taylor following tonight’s Brooklyn Nets at Washington Wizards game.                                                                              

QUESTION: It appeared on replay that a Nets assistant coach deflected a Wizards pass attempt with 5:45 remaining in the fourth quarter, leading to a turnover – a live-ball turnover. Given that the ball did not go out of bounds, preventing a play stoppage, was there any mechanism for that play to be reviewed?

TAYLOR: No, there wasn’t a mechanism in place for that.

QUESTION: Is it correct that you and your colleagues didn’t see any deflection there on the play?

TAYLOR: No, on the floor we did not.