Pool Report on Why the Officials Didn’t Review the Elbow to Jose Alvarado by Chris Paul in the Fourth Quarter of Tonight’s Phoenix Suns at New Orleans Pelicans Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Andrew Lopez (ESPN) with Crew Chief Kane Fitzgerald following tonight’s Suns and Pelicans game.   

QUESTION:  On the elbow at the end, that is something that you can go look at if you deem necessary, is that correct?

FITZGERALD:  That’s correct.

QUESTION:  What did you see on that play initially?

FITZGERALD:  I saw Alvarado leaning in and creating illegal contact with his body, a body check on the drive, that is why we called a defensive foul.

QUESTION:  What is the reason for not looking at the play at that point.

FITZGERALD:  During the game we felt that the leaning in and the defensive foul by Alvarado was all one contact as Paul’s shoulder kind of went up.  We felt that was just part of the play, it was a single act.  After postgame review we see that there was some separation, Paul being off balance caught him with an elbow.