Transcript: NBA Referee Jason Phillips comments to Pool Reporter after Thunder-Grizzlies Game


Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Memphis Grizzlies

December 29, 2016

NBA referee Jason Phillips met with pool reporter Fred Katz (Norman Transcript) after the game between the Thunder and Grizzlies in Memphis tonight. Here is the transcript of that interview:

Jason Phillips (crew chief)           

Fred Katz, Norman Transcript (pool reporter)

Question: Can you describe the series of events that led to Russell Westbrook’s ejection?

Phillips: “There’s a shot that’s taken just prior to a foul being called on Oklahoma City in which Russell is very adamant that the ball does not hit the rim and the shot clock should not have reset. Officials in the game had no doubt that the ball hit the rim and therefore we allowed play to continue. As we line up for the free throws, Russell continues to complain that the ball did not hit the rim. He was adamant about that. At that point it’s not a reviewable matter so it’s not something we can look at replay on, but we explained to him – Brian Forte explained to him: ‘We’re good, we’ve got to let it go, we can’t go review it anyway, but I hear what you’re saying. We’ve got to move on.’ He continues to complain about it, so then he is issued the first technical foul.

“After being issued the first technical foul, he continues to complain about the ball not hitting the rim and then even proceeds to use some profanity during the conversation also. So at that point he’s issued the second technical foul which results in an automatic ejection.”