Transcript: NBA Referee Ken Mauer Comments to Pool Reporter after Thunder-Spurs Game 2 Western Conference Semifinals

Pool Reporter Transcript

Crew Chief Ken Mauer

Postgame – Oklahoma City at San Antonio, May 2, 2016

NBA Crew Chief Ken Mauer met with pool reporter Mike Monroe of The Rivard Report after the game between the Thunder and Spurs in San Antonio tonight. Here is the transcript of that interview:

Question: Can you explain what you saw on the inbounds play with 13.5 seconds remaining when Dion Waiters appeared to make contact with Manu Ginobili?

Mauer: On the floor, we did not see a foul on the play. However, upon review we realize and we agree that we should have had an offensive foul on the play. It’s a play that we have never seen before, ever, but we feel we should have had an offensive foul on Waiters.

Question: Had an offensive call been made on Waiters, what rule would have applied to a foul committed before throw-in?

Mauer: An offensive foul. Possession Spurs.