Transcript: NBA Referee Ken Mauer Comments to Pool Reporter after Timberwolves-Pelicans Game

Pool Reporter Transcript

Crew Chief Ken Mauer

Postgame – Minnesota at New Orleans – November 29, 2017

NBA Crew Chief Ken Mauer met with pool reporter Rod Walker of The Advocate after the game between the Timberwolves and Pelicans in New Orleans tonight. Here is the transcript of that interview:


Q: Was there anything that led up to that first technical on Anthony Davis?

Mauer: “Well, after a play to the basket he started running and pointing and yelling and screaming and cursing at the referee. He was given a technical foul.”

Q: And what about the second one?

Mauer: “On a play to the basket, a play which he was called for a foul, he then turned and again pointed, ran at the official…cursing, swearing, using foul language, and he got ejected.”