Transcript: NBA Referee Mike Callahan Comments to Pool Reporter after Celtics – Bucks Game

Transcript: NBA Referee Mike Callahan’s Comment to Pool Reporter after Bucks-Celtics Game

February 21, 2019

Pool Reporter Transcript

Crew Chief Mike Callahan

NBA Crew Chief Mike Callahan met with pool reporter Eric Nehm of The Athletic after the game between the Bucks and the Celtics tonight. The transcript follows:

Q: Please explain why there was a shot clock violation off the jump ball with 3.7 seconds remaining (in the game)?

Callahan: With .2 seconds, the 24-second clock didn’t start until (Brook) Lopez possessed the ball. When he possesses the ball, you cannot have a legal shot attempt with .2 seconds on the shot clock.

Q: Does the clock start on that play when Giannis (Antetokounmpo) tips the ball or when Brook Lopez catches it?

Callahan: The 24-second clock starts when Lopez has possession of the ball on his shot attempt.

Q: How much time is needed to execute a tip without it being a violation?

Callahan: A legal tip play can occur with .1 or .2 seconds.