Transcript: NBA Referee Pat Fraher Comments To Pool Reporter after Hawks-Knicks Game

Transcript: NBA Referee Pat Fraher Comments to Pool Reporter after Hawks-Knicks Game

February 4, 2018

Pool Reporter Transcript

Crew Chief Pat Fraher

Postgame – Atlanta at New York – February 4, 2018

NBA Crew Chief Pat Fraher met with pool reporter Fred Kerber of New York Post after the game between the Hawks and Knicks in New York today. Here is the transcript of that interview:

Q: Why did the play continue after Bazemore’s second free throw and why did Hardaway’s basket not count?

A: What was called was a 3-shot foul and not 2.  So, played continued erroneously after two free throws, now we go down to the other end of the floor and we have a foul.  Then it was brought to our attention that we should’ve shot one extra free throw.  The rule under correctable errors is, do you want the citation?  It says if there’s a merited free throw that was not shot, that was to remain in play, which was what our situation was, than if under 24 seconds have elapsed, we go back to the point of interruption, reset the game clock, and nullify all play that happens up until that point.

Q: What would happen if it happened after 25 seconds?

A: That play would count, the foul would count.  We’d still go back and we’d correct the error but since it was over 24 seconds, we would play from where the foul happened.  Since it was under 24, we nullify all play and we go back to the point of interruption.

Q: Where is it found in the rulebook?

A: Rule 2, section 6, Af.