Pool Report on the Coach’s Challenge on Joel Embiid’s sixth foul during the Philadelphia 76ers at Cleveland Cavaliers Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Kelsey Russo (The Athletic) with Crew Chief John Goble following tonight’s 76ers and Cavaliers Game.    


QUESTION:   Why was the challenge on the foul on Joel Embiid reversed?

GOBLE: The contact by Embiid was determined to be marginal as he did not go through the space of Mobley.


QUESTION:  What happened on the sequence where the basket that Embiid made was later added versus when the call was overturned.

GOBLE:  The basket was scored during the initial challenge. There ended up being a scoring error, the points were not correctly added at the time of the challenge.  Then once the game was stopped and once we were notified and the score was corrected immediately.