Pool Report on the Final Seconds of the Boston Celtics at Minnesota Timberwolves Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Jace Fredrick (St. Paul Pioneer Press) with Crew Chief Brian Forte following tonight’s Celtics at Timberwolves Game.    


QUESTION:   Why was Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla not assessed a technical foul for coming to the other end of the court during the jump ball situation.

FORTE: During live play the officiating crew did not see coach Mazzulla cross the mid-court line. As we were focused on the loose ball that resulted in a jumpball.


QUESTION: Why were Kyle Anderson and Anthony Edwards ejected in the final two seconds of the game

FORTE:  Edwards was ejected on one technical foul for directly questioning of the integrity of the officiating crew.  Anderson was ejected after being assessed his second technical foul for multiple profanities directed at the officiating crew.