Pool Report on the D’Angelo Russell Ejection from tonight’s Los Angeles Lakers at Miami Heat Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Anthony Chiang (Miami Herald) with Crew Chief James Williams following tonight’s Lakers at Heat Game.    


QUESTION:  What did D’Angelo Russell do to warrant an ejection in the third quarter tonight?

 WILLIAM: D’Angelo Russell received his first unsportsmanlike technical foul for an overt gesture reacting to a no call involving a potential kick ball. That earned him his first unsportsmanlike technical foul.  Following his first unsportsmanlike technical foul, D’Angelo Russell subsequently received his second unsportsmanlike technical foul for disrespectfully addressing a game official with vulgarity and per rule his second unsportsmanlike technical foul resulted in his ejection from the game.

 QUESTION: It appeared that D’Angelo Russell was assessed one technical foul and then immediately was ejected.  Why were the Heat awarded two technical free throws?

WILLIAMS: Per the previous statement he received two unsportsmanlike technical fouls, not one.