Pool Report on the Draymond Green Offensive Basket Interference Call Overturn in the Fourth Quarter of Tonight’s Warriors at Thunder Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Joel Lorenzi (The Oklahoman) with Crew Chief Mitchell Ervin following tonight’s Warriors at Thunder game.

November 3, 2023

QUESTION: Please explain why Draymond (Green) wasn’t called for an offensive interference on final Warriors possession.

ERVIN: It was clear and conclusive evidence that Draymond does not touch the ball. Although Draymond does touch the rim, he does not touch the ball, nor does him touching the rim cause the ball to take an unnatural bounce therefore a basketball violation does not occur on the play.

QUESTION: Why was a delay of game penalty not assessed on the Warriors during the final possession of the game as the Thunder were attempting to inbound the ball and the Warriors were not ready for play to begin, as evidenced by players coming on and off the court at the time OKC was attempting to inbound the basketball?

ERVIN: After the basket interference review, there were multiple administrative matters that the crew had to communicate to the scorer’s table to get back to the point of resumption of play. It’s our responsibility to assure that there are 10 players on the court and ready to play, and we completed that task.