Pool Report on the ejection of De’Andre Hunter during the third quarter of tonight’s Philadelphia 76ers at Atlanta Hawks Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Lauren Williams (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) with Crew Chief Ben Taylor following tonight’s 76ers at Hawks game. 

November 17, 2023


QUESTION: Why was De’Andre Hunter assessed a common foul on Joel Embiid with 10:27 in the 3rd quarter?

TAYLOR: On that play De’Andre’s on the floor and laying on the floor is not a legal guarding position. So, now if he ends up tripping a player, such as he did with Joel Embiid, it would be a defensive foul.


QUESTION: What was the basis for the first technical on Hunter?

TAYLOR: It was for continued profanity directed toward a game official.


QUESTION: What was the basis for the second technical foul?

TAYLOR: The basis for the second one was after being asked and told to stop the continued profanity he didn’t and continued and was given a second technical foul and was immediately ejected.