Pool Report on the Ejection of DeMar DeRozan and Dillion Brooks in the Third Quarter of Tonight’s Chicago Bulls at Houston Rockets Game  


The Pool Report interview was conducted by Jonathan Feigen (Houston Chronicle) with Crew Chief Curtis Blair following tonight’s Bulls at Rockets game.     


QUESTION:  We will start with the Flagrant 2 called on DeMar DeRozan what was the ruling on that, what was the logic behind that?

BLAIR:   DeRozan was assessed a Flagrant Foul penalty 2 because the contact was excessive and unnecessary.


QUESTION: And then the scrum that followed there was a technical on Dillon Brooks, why was he ruled to be the only one to receive any kind of technical?

BLAIR:  After review, DeRozan was already assessed a Flagrant Foul penalty 2 so he was ejected.  All the other participants were there to defuse the situation.


QUESTION:  In a situation like that can there be any additional penalties on DeRozan because he’s already received a flagrant 2?



QUESTION: Dillion Brooks was ejected with one technical foul.  Why did that merit an ejection with just one instead of two technical fouls.

BLAIR: Because Brooks escalated the situation, therefore he was given a technical foul and ejected.