Pool Report on the Ejection of Draymond Green in the First Quarter of Tonight’s Golden State Warriors at Orlando Magic Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Jason Beede (Orlando Sentinel) with Crew Chief Mitchell Ervin following tonight’s Warriors at Magic game.     


QUESTION:  Golden State’s Draymond Green was ejected at the 8:24 mark of the 1st quarter. Why did Green receive a second technical foul?

ERVIN:  After a prolonged diatribe, Green directed egregious profane language towards a game official.


QUESTION: The ejection came early in the game, less than four minutes in, was the timing of the second technical foul considered at all before it was handed out?

ERVIN:  No, his actions met the standard for a technical foul, which was his second technical foul, which results in an automatic ejection.


QUESTION: Did the player’s history have any impact on the decision to hand him a technical foul and eject him?

ERVIN:  Absolutely not.