Pool Report on the Final 8.8 seconds of the LA Clippers at Philadelphia 76ers Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Keith Pompey (Philadelphia Inquirer) with Crew Chief Kevin Scott following tonight’s Clippers vs. 76ers game.    


QUESTION:  There were several calls towards the end, the first one starting with the Tyrese Maxey foul with 8.8 seconds left, it wasn’t overturned, what did you see not to overturn it?

SCOTT:   The defender did illegal contact to his left arm. It was not clear and conclusive that the call on the floor was incorrect. That was the result of the judgement on the play and the challenge.


QUESTION: Can we get an explanation on the Kawhi block?

SCOTT:   The defender, Leonard, was in a legal guarding position and he performs a normal, legal, defensive move and legally blocks the basketball and commits no illegal contact and the results of the blocked shot, the ball became wedged in the backboard. Which by rule is a jumpball. That was correctly judged on the floor.


QUESTION: And why wasn’t a foul called on the final play?

SCOTT:   On the last play on the floor, in real time the crew interpreted that play as the defender jumping vertically.  However, in post-game video review we did observe some slight drift to his left by the defender George, and a foul should have been ruled.