Pool Report on the Incident early in the Fourth Quarter of Tonight’s Heat at Pelicans Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Will Guillory (The Athletic) with Crew Chief Curtis Blair following tonight’s Heat at Pelicans Game.


Feb. 23, 2024


QUESTION: What went into the decision to eject Jimmy Butler, Thomas Bryant, Jose Alvarado and Naji Marshall?

BLAIR: Butler and Marshall engaged in physical contact which escalates the altercation.  Alvarado and Bryant engaged in a physical altercation that continued the altercation.

QUESTION: Was it determined that Bryant and Alvarado left their respective benches during the altercation?

BLAIR: We did not see them leave, but it is not our decision.  It is up to the league office to determine if they left their respective benches.

QUESTION: Why did you decide the foul against Kevin Love that led to the altercation was only a common foul?

BLAIR: The foul by Kevin Love did not meet the criteria for a Flagrant Foul 1 – there was no wind up, impact or follow-through.