Pool Report on the Jakob Poeltl Screen and Quin Snyder Ejection in the Second Quarter and the Out of Bounds call at the end of Tonight’s Raptors at Hawks Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Lauren Williams (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) with Crew Chief Karl Lane following tonight’s Raptors at Hawks game.


Feb. 23, 2024


QUESTION: Why was Jakob Poeltl not assessed an offensive foul for the screen he set on Trae Young in the second quarter?

LANE: During the time on the court we felt that Jakob Poeltl got to a legal guarding position, but when we looked at it at halftime, we did notice that it was illegal leg-to-leg contact and there should have been a foul called.

QUESTION: Why was Quin Snyder assessed his first technical foul?

LANE: For charging toward an official aggressively and using profane language.

QUESTION: Why was Snyder assessed a second one?

LANE: He continued to charge toward the official and continued to use profane language.

QUESTION: In situations where you review a missed call at halftime, what would the appropriate action be for your guys?  Would you add the foul on later or would you just move along?

LANE: No, you can’t add the foul on later, but Quin has to be responsible for his actions also.

 QUESTION: At the end of the game was that out of bounds call on Dejounte Murray with 15.5 seconds to go, when you look at the jumbotron and the playback of the game, it looked like his foot was in bounds still.  But what did you guys see?

LANE: The official on the court, he saw that his left foot actually stepped out of bounds.  And then postgame, we reviewed it and we saw that it was correct.  His left foot was out of bounds.  It touched the line.

QUESTION: What is the time limit in which the Hawks would have needed to indicate they wanted to challenge the out of bounds play?

LANE: During that instance, he had until I gave the ball to the thrower-in, and then he would have lost the window.