Pool Report on the Technical Fouls Issued in Tonight’s Suns at Mavericks Game

The Pool Report interview was conducted by Tim Cato (The Athletic) with Crew Chief David Guthrie following tonight’s Suns at Mavericks game.

January 24, 2024

QUESTION: Why did Grant Williams, Kevin Durant, and Jusuf Nurkic receive technical fouls in the first quarter?

GUTHRIE: Nurkic shoved Williams, Durant shoved Williams, and Williams shoved Nurkic all during the dead ball so all three players were issued unsportsmanlike technical fouls for those actions.

QUESTION: What did Luka Doncic say to receive a technical foul immediately following the end of the second quarter?

GUTHRIE: He had complained multiple times and was asked to stop prior to that. He did not stop but continued his complaining, and again as he was leaving the floor at halftime he yelled and complained at the officials again.

QUESTION: Why did Grant Williams receive his second technical foul in the third quarter?

GUTHRIE: He overtly yelled and gestured directly at the official also using profanity.