Correct Free Throw Shooter

Since the 2010-11 season, referees have used replay when they are not reasonably certain which player should attempt free throws on a called foul.

When they conduct their review, referees do not review video to determine which player committed the foul or whether a foul was warranted; they only seek to determine which player was fouled.

When conducting the review, referees also look to determine whether:

  • The fouled shooter was attempting a 2-point or 3-point field goal,
  • The fouled player committed a boundary line violation prior to the foul,
  • The 24-second clock expired before the foul occurred,
  • An 8-second backcourt violation occurred before the player was fouled, or
  • Any unsportsmanlike acts or unnecessary contact occurred.

The review must take place prior to the first free throw being released.