Clock Malfunction

Since the 2008-09 season, referees have reviewed all plays in which they have reasonable certainty the game clock malfunctioned and it continued to run to 0:00 or should have run to 0:00.

Reviewable Matters:

  1. Time from when the game clock should have started to the field goal was released or the game clock ran to 0:00
  2. Clock incorrectly ran to 0:00 following FGM or whistle
  3. If FGM was released in actual time and if time should be added to the game clock
  4. If the clock started early, how much time should be added to the game clock
  5. FGM was scored correctly as a 2pt FG or 3pt FG
  6. Shooter committed a boundary line violation immediately prior to the release of the shot
  7. 24-second violation occurred prior to the ball leaving the shooter’s hand or foul occurred
  8. 8-second backcourt violation


  1. For clock malfunctions, the officials will not make a ruling prior to using replay
  2. Clock malfunctions occur when clocks start early, late or freezes during play

Final Ruling: Referees in Replay Center