Foul – End of Period

Since the 2002-03 season, referees have reviewed all called fouls that occur with no time remaining on the clock (0:00). This is an automatic trigger and referees are required to conduct the review regardless of score.

During the review, referees use video to confirm, if they can, whether the game clock expired before the foul occurred.

Reviewable Matter:

  1. Foul committed prior to the expiration of time on the game clock
  2. Shooter releases the ball prior to expiration of time on the game clock
  3. Shooter fouled was attempting a 2pt FG or 3pt FG
  4. Player fouled committed a boundary line violation immediately prior to the foul
  5. 24-second clock expired
  6. 8-second backcourt violation occurred


  1. The officials will adjust the game and shot clocks if appropriate

Final Ruling: Referees in the Replay Center